45 minutes | Dec 26th 2018

Good Goals - Re-Hashed

While we don’t believe in New Years resolutions, but you might. 

Listen to a throwback of our first episode on good goals. It’s a great place to start if you are into a new year and a new you mentality.

It’s a cool refresher as the first episode really sets the foundation for who and what we are trying to do with Master of Some Podcast.

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We appreciate the love and support from you and have some cool stuff in store for the new year and beyond!


And we are live! In episode 1, (or unofficially, ‘episode 0’… because it sounds cool) we, (Daran Lake and Phil Cross) introduce ourselves, the concept of ‘Master of Some’ and we talk on a foundational meta-skill that lies at the core of mastering anything – goal setting.

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The Well Formed Outcome


The 5 Whys

Objective Setting



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