48 minutes | Apr 17th 2019

Believing You Can "Ultra" PB | Priming Your Mind to Do a Race You've Never Done

We are live! Season 2 Episode 2 of the Master of Some. A podcast about health and fitness served up a metaphor for life.

In this episode, we delve into some of the mental aspects of training for an event you’re not sure you can finish. How do you know you can go the distance? What can you do to train the mind ahead of time? What tactics might help when it comes to race day. Only one way to find out!

You also get to find out a few random facts about your beloved co-hosts (I know, right, just what you’ve always dreamed of!).

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Morphic Resonance

Free Solo Movie

Jack Daniels VDOT

Headspace Meditation


Central Governor Theory

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