10 minutes | May 16, 2021

Episode 113 - Six Keys to Getting Appointments With Dream Clients

Visit http://JohnBlakeAudio.com to Learn How to DOUBLE Your Enquiry-to-Sale Conversion with The Lead Flow You Already Have. Getting in front of your dream clients may seem unreachable at first glance, more so if they haven’t even heard of you before. You may think they are in another league, that they wouldn’t be interested in doing business with anybody that isn’t as renowned as them.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth, there are quite some things you can do to get to them, and most importantly, to make yourself relevant to them.  Today, I'm going to share with you the six keys that you need to be aware of to get appointments with your dream clients. They are essential to get the job done.  Picture this, in most cases, businesses have got a list of clients that they would love to work with, but those clients are not beating a path to their door, they're not coming to them through their normal marketing. They know who they are, but they don't have a strategy to get in front of them.   Let's face it, your ability to get in front of people really determines the income and the turnover of the business. If you've got low appointments, it means low sales.   Unfortunately, there are some methods businesses use to get appointments that, to a large extent, can, and often do, destroy credibility. Cold calling is a good example of this. Only about 2% of cold calls actually result in an appointment, and the few that do get scheduled are very likely to get cancelled. This is why a lot of salespeople give up.  I know that you want a method that actually produces results.   These six keys will guide you through a more personal and fruitful path to getting appointments. I know from experience that they are amazing at making people interested in new business opportunities.  For instance, the first one of these keys is to be persistent. If you know that you can really add value to a particular business, then don't give up. Continue to show up with Valid Business Reasons to talk to them—I’ve done a podcast on this in the past so, if you want to know more about VBR’s, go check that one out.  You want to add value, send them information that they would find useful, refer business to them, this will often position you very powerfully. Do your homework so you can provide them with something that they find helpful for their current situation, or their current needs.  I do teach several clients different strategies and different ways that they can use to get in front of their dream clients, and I can tell you that these six keys are fundamental if you want to succeed in the task. Listen to this episode to know how these can help you assemble an effective approach to getting appointments.   To DOUBLE your lead-to-sale CONVERSION with the leads you already have, go to http://JohnBlakeAudio.com for his exclusive, free, no-fluff, audio training and companion PDF guide. Inside you’ll get word-for-word email follow-up templates, phone scripts, and more that you can put to use today.  
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