9 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

Episode 108 - How to Stop Two Major Sales Objections

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Today we're going to talk about two big blockages that you may encounter in your sales process, and what specifically you can do about them. 

Having a potential client make the decision of moving forward with you and whatever solution your business is offering to them is easier said than done. You probably have talked to some of them that are reticent about taking the next step, they may even argue that they’re afraid to do so, or that the price you are charging is too high. 

If you're getting the same objections coming up over and over again, there are specific reasons that you're getting those objections. 

You are experiencing blockages, and I’m pretty sure you’ve wondered what you need to do when they happen to break the streak. In this episode, I want to talk about two of these blockages, what causes them, and what you can do to stop them from happening in the first place. 

As mentioned, one of them occurs when somebody says to you, “it's too expensive, it's more than what I plan to spend” 

Your price may be high, and if that’s the case, the value your business is offering has to keep up with that price. Essentially, if you listen to this objection, it means that you haven't established sufficient value before they know what the price is.  

Value exists in a couple of different forms. A lot of people think about it in terms of features, advantages, and benefits. They explain to somebody why a particular product is different, how it's going to work in that person's life. Don’t get me wrong, that has merit, especially if what they are saying is relevant to that person’s situation. 

However, there is another part of establishing value that people often forget about or just ignore, and that is the cost of inaction. 

If you're fixing a costly enough problem that is valuable, and then the value of fixing that costly problem becomes greater than the investment in your particular product or service, the person will actually buy because they’ve realised the cost of doing nothing is greater than the investment they’re making in your solution. 

That problem can be either costing them too much money, time, or energy; it can also be exceedingly annoying for them. That’s why you need to create an environment where they understand and discover for themselves how their challenges are affecting their business, and how you can help them. 

I’m going to give you the elements required to build this environment. I’m sure that knowing this will help you overcome those apparently dead-end situations. You’ll find that it is actually possible to prevent these objections from happening if you have a well-organised process. 

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