64 minutes | May 10, 2021

Episode 210: Benchmarking Sustainability

3 different perspectives from breweries large & small. You'll hear about the BA's Benchmarking tool, other resources to support your sustainability journey, and how to take some baby steps if you haven't made any progress yet.Special Guests: Charlie Hoxmeier, Hannah Johnson, and Lizzy Waters.Sponsored By:Hopsteiner: Proximity Malt: BSG: Gusmer: Precision Fermentation: Fermentis: Brew Ninja: MoreBeer: Links:Lessons Learned Implementing a Sustainability Program in a Craft Brewery​​ — 2020 MBAA TQA Case Study in Small Brewery Sustainability — 2020 MBAA TQThe Value of the Brewers Association's Benchmarking Tool — 2020 MBAA TQFocus Issue: Sustainability — 2020 MBAA TQSustainability Benchmarking Tool — Brewers AssociationUpcoming Events - Master Brewers Calendar2021 Master Brewers Conference — Oct 28-30 | Hilton ClevelandAbstract Submissions Now Open! — 2021 Master Brewers ConferenceTechnical Quarterly Author Guidelines — Submit Your Own TQ Article!Join Master Brewers — Use promo code BEER2021 to save 20% on duesA Message From John Mallet
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