35 minutes | May 24, 2021

Episode 067: In the Blink of an Eye

When Keith Miller got blasted in the face with caustic, he was blinded instantly. This could happen to any brewer. Imagine yourself crawling on the brewery floor, completely blind, in desperate search of a safety shower. What happens in the seconds immediately following an injury like this determines whether or not you'll be blind for the rest of your life. Understanding the risks and being fully prepared for an accident like this greatly increases the odds of regaining your eyesight.Special Guests: Keith Miller and Scott Millbower.Sponsored By:Hopsteiner: Proximity Malt: BSG: Gusmer: Precision Fermentation: Fermentis: Brew Ninja: MoreBeer: Links:Brewery Safety ResourcesJohn Bryce's go-to brewery safety googlesUpcoming Events - Master Brewers Calendar2021 Master Brewers Conference — Oct 28-30 | Hilton ClevelandAbstract Submissions Now Open! — 2021 Master Brewers ConferenceTechnical Quarterly Author Guidelines — Submit Your Own TQ Article!Join Master Brewers — Use promo code BEER2021 to save 20% on duesA Message From John Mallet
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