45 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

Episode 049: Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, Scream

Kerry Caldwell suffered severe injuries from an accident in the brewhouse. She was airlifted and overcame the 34% chance of survival calculated by the hospital. This episode is both the story of her accident and a description of a simple, inexpensive device that should be installed in your brewery to prevent similar accidents. Special Guest: Kerry Bloxham (Caldwell).Sponsored By:Hopsteiner: Proximity Malt: BSG: Gusmer: Precision Fermentation: Brew Ninja: MoreBeer: Links:Boil-Over ProtectionBrewery Safety — Master Brewers Brewery Safety WebsiteBrewery Configuration for Craft Brewing Optimization — 1997 MBAA TQUpcoming Events - Master Brewers Calendar2021 Master Brewers Conference — REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!Technical Quarterly Author Guidelines — Submit Your Own TQ Article!Join Master Brewers — Use promo code BEER2021 to save 20% on dues
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