59 minutes | Aug 30, 2020

028 - The Debt Episode w/ Thomas Gokey of The Debt Collective

Guest: Thomas Gokey of The Debt Collective (@StrikeDebt) joins me to talk about their new book Can't Pay Won't Pay, coming out in September from Haymarket Books. We talk about the ways that people can take on debt collectively to give themselves power - and choices - they don't have as individuals. And Thomas pulps a bunch of money and tries to sell it. The story is a coda to the Greek Debt Crisis of 2008-?? starring the Clintons' son-in-law. We all learn a valuable lesson about how differently the well-born experience debt from the rest of us who have to live in fear of it. The cocktail of the month is the Money Maker. It's probably good there isn't a cocktail with a debt-themed name. Question Cathy returns with the mailbag. Please support Mass for Shut-ins, an independent and ad-free podcast, via Patreon. Contact me via Facebook, Twitter (@edburmila), or the venerable website Gin and Tacos.  Thanks: the Debt Collective, the bands that contribute music (Waxeater, IfIHadAHiFi, The Sump Pumps, Oscar Bait), Zachary Sielaff, Question Cathy, and all Patreon supporters, subscribers, and listeners.
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