29 minutes | Aug 8th 2018

Eco Friendly Food with Sharon Palmer - 50

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Do you care about sustainability? Join Mary and award-winning nutrition expert, Sharon Palmer, RD, as they discuss how our food choices effect the environment.

PLUS: The Weekly Nutrition Challenge!

How Do Different Diets Impact the Environment? The standard American diet A plant-based diet

How Frozen and Preserved Foods Might Be Eco Friendly Foods

Practical Tips for Sustainable Eating Considering seasonal foods Considering locally grown foods Considering packaging

How a Plant-based Diet Can Help the Environment Easy ideas for plant-based eating RD recommendations for plant-based diets

Specific eco-friendly foods

How to Reduce Food Waste Overbuying, taking inventory, and menu planning Freezing food and relating with leftovers


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SHARON PALMER LINKS SHARONPALMER.COM https://sharonpalmer.com/ http://sharonpalmer.com/the-plant-powered-blog/

The Plant-Powered Diet http://sharonpalmer.com/the-plant-powered-diet/

Plant Powered for Life http://sharonpalmer.com/plant-powered-for-life/

Sharon Palmers ’s Social: Facebook: @SharonPalmerThePlantPoweredDietitian

Twitter: @SharonPalmerRD

Instagram: @sharonpalmerrd
Pinterest: @sharonpalmerrd

Sharon's Bean Recipe https://sharonpalmer.com/instant-pot-black-eyed-peas-and-greens-vegan/


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Past experience:
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