17 minutes | Aug 25th 2020

One is FREE! Facebook Marketing Tips For MA Schools

The current and upcoming global recession is most likely weighing heavy on your mind and has left you wondering how you can grow your business throughout this. Join Gordon as he shares with you his free marketing tips which can allow your business to grow throughout the recession. Learn the importance of following up on old leads, communicating with other local businesses as well as giving back to others in the community.



  • You either sign up for the recession or you don’t and that is entirely your choice. The reality is your mindset will outstrip any recession and if you work on growth through a recession then you will come out ten times stronger. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are in, the objective is to market and sell through the recession.


  • You have to have the belief in yourself to be able to pull yourself forwards in the upcoming months and yet be able to smash through this recession. The aim is to not only survive but to absolutely dominate and thrive in these times where great opportunities are presenting themselves.


  • Follow up on old leads. Those who have shown interest before or who have perhaps utilised free trials are a great source of free marketing to you. Make contact with anybody who has engaged with you or your company over the last twelve months. Utilise social media platforms to reach them and advise them of your new programmes and packages.


  • Talk to other local businesses about how you can help each other. Perhaps you could come up with an arrangement whereby they promote your business in exchange for you promoting theirs. This is a free marketing tool as it allows you to infiltrate their network. The more you connect with other companies the more data and potential customers you can collect.


  • Give your services to other people. Look into Facebook groups and local community groups (e.g. weight loss groups) whereby you can offer your services to help people. Offer your services for free to give back to people, if you want to get you to have to give. The participants will then experience what your business has to offer and are therefore more likely to sign up for the full package. This costs you nothing, bar your time.



“I truly believe that where we are right now is going to be the greatest time for our business.”


“We need to be so focused on the possibilities, on the potential and on the opportunities that lie before us so that we’re not scrimping on marketing.”


“You’re not going to grow if you’re sitting there stagnant. If you want to grow you have to go.”




Gordon Burcham is a best-selling author, 3 x World martial arts champion, and award-winning Martial arts school owner. He has helped 1000s of Martial arts schools grow and has over 20 years of experience running martial arts schools.

Gordon has been training, teaching, and working in the Martial Arts industry for nearly twenty-five years. After earning his first black belt, he went on to win three consecutive World Titles against guys half his age. In 1998, in the midst of his competitive career, he launched his own dojo which still runs today. After retiring from the competitions, he decided to focus more on helping others in the MA business while still running his club.

Burcham has trained with industry giants like Alfie Lewis and developed his street-smart business attitude working with top business coaches. He is now considered one of the foremost authorities on peak performance in the business side of the MA industry. He has proven his techniques work through the transformation in his own personal life, athletic career, and business as well as those of his coaching clients. Burcham teaches that success is the result of forming good habits and moving forward.

He is a real-life success story going from bullied school kid to earning multiple world titles, and his MA school is currently one of the most successful in the UK. Gordon loves self-development and helping others, enjoys travel and family time. He is now learning how to fly planes and pursuing a speaking career!

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