17 minutes | Jun 2nd 2020

Martial Arts Marketing Conversion Funnel

How can a martial arts school attract more prospective students?

Gordon has his marketing conversion funnel that he uses in his MA school. In this episode, he dives deep on its benefits and the levels included in it. There are four parts of the funnel. From top to bottom, they are: attention, prospect conversion, serve, sell & close, and last, service.

This is a very strategic tool that dojos can utilise. We’re in a tough time right now, let’s ensure our presence is bigger than ever. Discover more about the martial arts marketing conversion funnel today on the Martial Arts Business Podcast.


  • Attention – Marketing Online & Offline, Communication
    • Send email newsletters and post quality content regularly on your social media platforms. These will give visuals to your company.
    • Communicate with previous and current clients, aside from the new prospects. You will never know who might need your services again.
  • Prospect Conversion – Talk, Engage, Communicate, Build Rapport
    • Once you get their attention, there’s a possibility that they’d ask for more information. Grab the opportunity to be presentable during this recruitment process. Engage and build a strong rapport with them. First impressions last in the business, remember that.
  • Serve, Sell, Close – Service, Classes, Experience, Value
    • If they decided already that they want to try your service, then congratulations on that accomplishment! But before patting yourself on the back, ensure that you CAN and you will give them a great service. Make it memorable and worth their time and money.
  • Service – Talk, Engage, Communicate, Build Rapport
    • Provide an excellent service so you can keep them, and gain more! Most likely, it’s from them that you’ll get great feedback and reliable recommendations.


  • “People are consuming content at a faster rate than ever.”
  • “We’re in a busy world. We have to remember that people don’t take actions right away.”
  • “Their marketing gets attention and triggers an inquiry but what they don’t do is log the inquiries of everybody.”
  • “Your business starts from the attention you get, the marketing, and the exposure to your brand.”



Gordon Burcham is a best-selling author, 3 x World martial arts champion and award-winning Martial arts school owner. He has helped 1000s of Martial arts schools grow and has over 20 years of experience running martial arts schools.

Gordon has been training, teaching, and working in the Martial Arts industry for nearly twenty-five years. After earning his first black belt, he went on to win three consecutive World Titles against guys half his age. In 1998, in the midst of his competitive career, he launched his own dojo which still runs today. After retiring from the competitions, he decided to focus more on helping others in the MA business while still running his club.

Burcham has trained with industry giants like Alfie Lewis and developed his street-smart business attitude working with top business coaches. He is now considered one of the foremost authorities on peak performance in the business side of the MA industry. He has proven his techniques work through the transformation in his own personal life, athletic career, and business as well as those of his coaching clients. Burcham teaches that success is the result of forming good habits and moving forward.

He is a real-life success story going from bullied school kid to earning multiple world titles, and his MA school is currently one of the most successful in the UK. Gordon loves self-development and helping others, enjoys travel and family time. He is now learning how to fly planes and pursuing a speaking career!

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