37 minutes | Feb 19th 2020

Sensible Martech Choices, Latest Marketing Surveys, and Identity Resolution News | S3 EP 02

This week we talk about making sensible martech stack decisions in the giant martech candy store; what makes the ‘D2C approach’ work, findings from 3 new marketing surveys; and David Raab’s expert commentary on 3 news items from the identity resolution space. Section1: talking martech with Pat Maigler, Sr. Manager Marketing Strategy and Operations at Williams Sonoma Inc. (All opinions expressed are Pat’s own, and not representative of Williams Sonoma Inc.) Top 5 highlights of the discussion 1.Growing into a career in marketing technology: Pat’s journey 2.How marketers have evolved into becoming data-driven decision makers: observations from a 2- decade long career 3.Choosing the right martech tech in the giant martech candy store: •How to assemble a sane and rational martech stack •Working with IT as collaborators – not adversaries •Avoiding frankenstacks: when to choose platforms and clouds versus assembling your own •How to prioritize strategic needs and satisfy operational needs in your stack 4.The question of integration: do clouds and platform components integrate better than elements in an ‘assembled stack’? How do newly merged or acquired companies deal with integration of martech? 5. What helps D2C marketers punch above their weight; and what traditional marketers can learn from it Section 2: Highlights from 3 marketing reports that hit the stands this week 1. The State of Branding Report 2020 from Bynder about the use of technology for mainly branding applications 2. The Incite Group released the State of Marketing Report 2020 – which also had some 1000+ marketers responding to questions largely abt content n social streatgies 3. Chief Outsiders, a company that offers Executives as a Services, CMOs to be specific, released a report on CMO priorities for 2020 Section 3: David Raab explains the 3 news items about Identity Resolution this week 1. Merkle Launches Merkury Identity Resolution Platform – what are private identity graphs and what can marketers do with them that they couldn’t do before? 2. 180byTwo Launches Unifi - an AI-Powered Customer Data and Identity Platform for B2B Marketers – after the demise of Radius and the general understanding that B2C is much more conducive for CDP-scale platforms, why this? 3. Kount unveils ‘Identity Trust Global Network’ – what is identity verification and why should marketers care? Follow us on Spotify, Google podcast or leave us a review on iTunes. Have a great week. Thank you! Spotify- https://podcasters.spotify.com/episode/3H2fmi1DKkDdakFzQQ2iVY Google Podcast-https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRzLnNvdW5kY2xvdWQuY29tL3VzZXJzL3NvdW5kY2xvdWQ6dXNlcnM6NDM0MDYzODIwL3NvdW5kcy5yc3M&episode=dGFnOnNvdW5kY2xvdWQsMjAxMDp0cmFja3MvNzYzMTY1MTE0&ved=0CAIQkfYCahcKEwiYpLba0t3nAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAg iTunes-podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mart…1373600978?mt=2