21 minutes | Mar 17th 2020

How Marketers Can Use Second-party Data + Global Voice, Video, Social Trends| S3 EP 04

Report of the week: HootSuite’s Global Digital Overview 2020 Top 3 takeaways from the report we discuss: 1.What customer engagement is going to look like in 2020 and beyond: leveraging employees as a crucial link in CX 2. Will marketers find their ‘purpose’ with video in 2020? 90% of internet users said watching videos was their number one activity online- how will marketers’ approach video content to drive business outcomes – especially with a growing list of martech vendors that enable video production in pennies and minutes? 3. Thinking about ‘what is the best investment in voice in our context’? One of the biggest surprises with Voice is that it’s turning out to have more applications at the back of the house than in customer-facing applications. Worth tracking for B2B especially. 4. Finally- the increasing scope of social media marketing- again a lot of confusion over the purpose (Engagement? Brand building? Customer service? Leads? Social commerce?) and the business outcomes one can expect from investments in social media marketing, even as expectations grow. Trend of the week: Second-party data LiveRamp launches Safe Haven for data partnerships David explains in laymen terms what second party data means, how marketers can get access to it, and the business case for its rapid growth. News of the week: CoronaVirus Workarounds and Disruptions Here is a list of companies that have come thru with workarounds to help businesses stay in motion: •CampTek Software Announces Coronavirus Conference Cancellation Bot •Cappasity to Provide Retailers with Free Access to Its Immersive Technologies to Counter COVID-19 Losses •Evolve IP Has Been Enabling and Empowering Work From Home for Over a Decade, Offers Collaboration and Virtual Workspaces In a Time of Need •Microsoft, Google, and Zoom are trying to keep up with demand for their now free work-from-home software •Odo Security Offers Free Remote Access Solution for Employees Working from Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak •Oneclick offers Instantly available IT solution for home office workplaces •StarLeaf supports business continuity during coronavirus crisis including launch of free-to-use collaboration services •Trustifi Offering No-Cost Email Encryption Licenses to Safeguard the Influx of Remote Workers •Vidyo is giving away temporary licenses to connect remotely- no strings attached