53 minutes | Dec 18th 2019

5 Big MarTech Themes for 2020 | 64

Brent Leary, David Raab, Anand Thaker, and host Chitra Iyer talk about 5 significant martech themes that will – or should matter in 2020: 1. The Customer Data Management space • David explains why his biggest milestone in 2019 was Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle coming out with seemingly legit CDP’s, and “the very specific technical change” they have made since they entered the CDP conversation • Privacy is the other big significant concept. “It’s getting marketers rethinking how they will approach the concept of customer data” • Brent: will CDPs finally go beyond marketing and become an enterprise tool? • Anand: there are 2 drivers of CDP investments. “Privacy is a driver – but it’s a stick. CDPs as an engine for digital transformation/ customer experience is the more aspirational reason why CDP investments will grow – it is the carrot.” 2. Will Adtech and MarTech finally converge to cut out the biggest silo in CX? • Anand: Silos keep a lot of the possibilities around customer experience wanting • David: The biggest change is media addressability - that will lead to convergence • Acquisition activities and retention activities should not be separate – there will be a convergence of every tech possible (we’re calling it ‘omni-tech’!). 3. What’s worth watching in Sales tech? • Brent: will salespeople finally stop hating CRM in 2020? • Brent: Voice + AI is going to be hugely transformational for sales tech • Brent and David: the subscription economy is changing the nature of the sales job • Anand: the ‘AI-fication’ of sales tasks and the retraining of sales to be value creators are keys to the future of sales – not sales tech per se • Brent shares his report from what he found the most interesting at Dreamforce 2019. 4. Analytics and the future of data visualization for marketers • Visualization versus voice or visualization + voice? The panel discusses what will be the most useful for marketers 5. Transformative technologies to look out for - The vote goes to Voice - with a really smart integration layer that can take voice queries and connect to the right system in the backend - Is Location the underrated tech we should care more about? Please follow and review us on Spotify or iTunes Thanks podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/talk…st/id1373600978 www.martechadvisor.com/multimedia/podcasts/ podcasters.spotify.com/podcast/4Cmet…etiZ/overview