22 minutes | Apr 15th 2021

Episode 14: 10 Powerful Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset

Mindset is a key component to how successful you are in permanently improving your money story. So, it's critical that we work on ways to shift our perspective and mindset to make more progress with our finances and have a healthier relationship with money. Here are 10 ways that are practical yet powerful in helping you shift your mindset with money:Pay attention to the daily habits of the rich and emulate those you admireRead more personal finance booksJoin money-focused groupsFocus on what you have and not what you don’tPractice gratitudeCreate a vision board for your goals Practice charitable givingUnderstand the opportunity cost of what you spend your money onDeclutter and donateFocus on what’s important (If a fire took everything from you today, what would be the things you’d want to make sure were safe? Those are what you should always focus on, not the material possessions).Join the waiting list for Money Whizards here.My favorite personal finance books at the moment:The Latte FactorThe Broke Millennial Takes on InvestingThe Millionaire Next DoorMy current read:The Mindful MillionaireMy mission is to support your financial journey by providing clarity around money topics. In addition to the clarity and knowledge you get from this episode, these Money Resources give you the tools that help you make real progress with your finances. Our popular Printable Budget Binder has helped thousands organize their finances and start saving money. 
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