15 minutes | Apr 8th 2021

Episode 13: 10 Money Myths that Hurt Your Financial Progress

Money is a universal tool, but it's our beliefs and mindset that can hinder our financial progress. Today, we're diving deep into 10 common money myths that stop us in our tracks in an effort to dispel their power and overcome the mindset hurdles that make it hard to succeed financially. Credit debt is normalThere’s no point in paying off student loans, they’re part of lifeGetting a tax refund is a good thingInvesting in the stock market is just gamblingInvesting is just for the richI don’t make enough to save moneyI don’t make enough to investLiving below your means is for the poorRich people drive fancy, live fancy, spend fancyI don’t need to save for retirement, I’ll just get on social security like my parents (the idea that someone will save you at the end of the day)My mission is to support your financial journey by providing clarity around money topics. In addition to the clarity and knowledge you get from this episode, these Money Resources give you the tools that help you make real progress with your finances. And our popular Printable Budget Binder has helped hundreds organize their finances and start saving money. 
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