9 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

Episode 07: 7 Reasons Your Budget Keeps Failing and How to Fix It

You have the best intentions for your budget and you want to take better control of your money and what you spend on, but oftentimes, there are small mistakes that are made during the budgeting process that make our budget fail. Here are 7 common mistakes you're making with your budget that's causing you to fail:You haven’t identified your “why” or purposeYou created a standard “cookie” cutter budgetYou only included bills and debt in your budgetYou forgot to add savingsYou aren’t checking in regularlyYou don’t get to zeroYou’re not planning for upcoming events or life in your budgetIf you're new to budgeting and need some additional guidance, grab the FREE Budget Starter Guide here. If you need a solid budget binder system to be more organized and have more control, grab our Printable Budget Binder here. 
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