9 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Episode 05: 7 Ways to Stop Impulse Spending Right Now

Impulse purchases steal our money that can be used and saved for more important purchases. If we can combat our urge to spend money, we can stick to our budget better and save money for the things that matter. Here are 7 easy ways to stop impulse spending so you can take control of your finances. Plan out your purchasesStart the rule of 30 (30 day list of items you saw that you may want)Consider the opportunity costStop window shopping as a pastimeRemove shopping apps from your phone And on that same note, remove your payment information from your phoneAs yourself these 3 questions:Is it necessary for me to function most days?What makes it necessary now?Do I have something that can serve this purpose?Add it to a list for birthday or Christmas requests
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