11 minutes | Jan 17th 2021

Episode 01: How to Embrace Change and Breaking Through Discomfort with Your Money

In this episode, you'll learn how to break through the discomfort phase of changing your money habits and transforming your finances. You'll understand the mindset behind habit change and get tips to help you see progress with your money journey. Change is hard at firstIt’s uncomfortable, it’s new, it’s not our normal...yetIt requires a new mindset and a new set of behaviorsHow do we break through the discomfort step to move forward?Easy steps you can take right now to help you break through the barrier of discomfort. Step 1- Write Down Your Short Term Financial Goals (this month)Step 2- Write Down 1-3 new behaviors you’ll work on this weekStep 3- Declutter Your Space, it does wonders for how you spend moneyStep 4- Create More Barriers to Entry, focus on making it harder to spend your money Step 5- Embrace the Slow- It helps you sustain changes made to your finances in the long run
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