20 minutes | Oct 2nd 2020

Facing Fate "Luna Corp" - Episode 1

The first season of Facing Fate, a sci-fi roleplaying adventure, follows a group of Luna Corp miners who discover a strange substance while harvesting moondust, that leads to an outbreak within the colony. The characters and audience are thrust into a grand adventure, complete with a creepy alien menace, deceitful corporate structure, and colonist insurrection. 

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Similar to Marsfall, Facing Fate is fully sound designed, populated with complex characters, and scored by a rich soundtrack, but the big difference is that the fate of the characters falls in the hands of chance whenever they have to roll their dice. This creates a fantastic balance between close calls and lucky breaks, with the players occasionally laughing at their catastrophic failures, but the story always continues forward, guided by the competent and charming game master Russ Moore. Needless to say, fans of Marsfall will feel right at home when listening to Facing Fate.