79 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Podcast Episode 198 - Phil Rind Of Sacred Reich

I welcome Phil Rind bassist and lead singer of Sacred Reich to the show. This is an episode that took years in the making, and I am glad to have him finally on Mars Attacks Podcast. I have been a fan of Sacred Reich's for a very long time. My cousin had picked up one of these K-Tel cassettes and it had the song "Surf Nicaragua" on it. The first time I heard the wipeoutesque breakdown I was hooked! Fast-forward to 1993 and I was at college radio. Independent was about to drop, and I was lucky enough to talk to drummer Dave McClain. It was my second ever interview and a great experience for me. I have always championed the band, and Independent. I still think it is one of the best albums to be released during the 90s. Be forewarned that this interview with Phil is by far my most political interview to date. But we also talk a ton about Sacred Reich and their music. Among the things I talk to Phil about is the band's latest album Awakening. Why it took so long for the band to follow up 1996's Heal. We discuss lineup changes in the band. What it was like to work with Dave Jerden on Independent. I also ask about touring with Pantera, Crowbar, and Souls At Zero. All this, and much, much more!
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