40 minutes | Mar 28, 2019

Modern Branding Strategy - How to build strong relationships with your customers | Special Guest - Mitch Duckler

In this episode we are joined by our special Guest, Mitch Duckler, Director of the US-based Branding Agency Fullsurge, to explore the ways in which Brands can build sustainable, meaningful relationships with their customers in the modern age. We are going through the following: Four ways to establish meaningful brand differentiation (i.e., beyond a benefit) How to effectively use brand positioning as a guidepost for digital activation How to reflect a differentiated brand positioning through the entire customer experience Unconventional perspectives on brand extendibility that lead to transformational growth Further, we are also diving into Mitch's career as an entrepreneur and insights he has gained for building a successful business Find out more about Fullsurge Agency: https://www.fullsurge.com/ Connect with Mitch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitchduckler/ Visit our website: http://marketiu.com https://marketiu.ro
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