34 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

36. Marketing to Millennial Mothers with Eddie Geller

Millennial parents are increasingly becoming more conscious about what they disclose online. Privacy is far more important to them than a decade ago. This is only set to increase as Gen Z parents arrive on the scene. This presents challenges for brands in coming years. Joining me on the show today is Eddie Geller, Co-founder and CEO of Tinybeans, a photo and video sharing app which allows you to share your baby’s milestones within a closed social network, accessible only to people you invite. We talk about how Tinybeans has built a business focused on catering to a parents need for privacy. Eddie also shares his learnings about marketing to Millennial mothers and he points out some of the differences between Millennial mothers in Australia versus the US.


For the show notes head to: https://www.marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/ep36_eddie_geller_marketing_to_millennial_mothers/

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