39 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

33. The Rise of Femtech with Marija Butkovic

There is a significant shift taking place in the business world right now: women are using technology to solve real pain points they have experienced for years and that up until now have been largely ignored by brands. Known as ‘femtech’, it involves using technology to create innovative new products and services which focus on women’s health.

Femtech will impact women of all ages, across generations. Frost & Sullivan predict this market will grow to US$50 billion by 2025. As women’s purchasing power increase, femtech will provide growing opportunities for brands and investors over the next decade and beyond. In this episode, global femtech spokesperson and advocate, MarijaButkovic joins me to discuss the growing opportunities within the femtech industry and shares with us how brands and business owners can get involved.


For the show notes head to: https://marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/ep33-with-marija-butkovic-the-rise-of-femtech

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