24 minutes | May 16th 2020

30. Emerging Asian Markets with Roshni Mahtani

Whilst many brands look to China for their overseas growth, there are many emerging markets within Southeast Asia which represent significant opportunity. Our guest today, Roshni Mahtani, is the founder of theAsianparent.com, which attracts more than 33 million women each month to its platform. They cater for mothers across 13 different Asian markets and work with blue chip clients including Unilever, Huggies and Kelloggs.

In this interview, Roshni shares her insights to help brands identify where the big market opportunities are and what cultural considerations they must consider prior to entering these markets to really resonate with mothers.


For the show notes head to: https://marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/ep30-with-roshni-mahtani-emerging-asian-markets/

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