32 minutes | Dec 10th 2019

25. Key Success Factors in 2020s with Katrina McCarter

In this episode your host, Katrina McCarter, discusses the future of marketing to mothers in the 2020s. She identifies eight major success factors brands and businesses need to be considering now to ensure continued growth in the coming decade. Katrina demonstrates why now is the right time to rethink your relationship with the world’s most powerful consumer, mums. This episode provides a small insight into Katrina’s new book, The Mother of All Opportunities, which launched in October 2019 in New York at the M2Moms conference. Available on Amazon here.   For show notes head to: https://marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/ep25-with-katrina-mckarter-key-success-factore-in-2020s/
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