21 minutes | Nov 12th 2019

24. The disruptive sharing economy with Tim Wise

In this episode your host, Katrina McCarter, speaks with Tim Wise, the founder of KidNest, an online childminding introductory platform and the first app of its kind to market in Australia. It allows like-minded parents to connect and share childminding for their children, without the costs and challenges of traditional childcare. Tim and I discuss the booming sharing economy and what implications this might have for many existing brands. We discuss the changing views about the sharing economy, why the APAC region is more open to sharing economy concepts and discuss tips in marketing a sharing economy concept. I truly believe that the sharing economy will disrupt many unsuspecting brands over the coming decade as consumers are far more conscious shoppers and seek to own less. It is important marketers have strong awareness around these consumer changes which we discuss in today’s episode. For show notes head to: https://marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/ep24-with-tim-wise-the-disruptive-sharing-economy  
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