29 minutes | Jun 25th 2018

Episode 291: "About Style, Confidence & Entrepreneurship" - Hilde Fossen

Style is important. Indeed. Especially as an entrepreneur. Nowadays, people judge from what they see. Yep.  That quick first impression. You don't want to miss it. On a Facebook live. At a live event. On a sales call. During a coaching session. In every situation, there is a way to dress to inspire trust & confidence. My guest this week is Hilde Fossen. And she answers all these questions for you... and more. It's the first time that I have a fashion specialist on my show, and sincerely, I loved it! Tune in and listen until the end. And if you want to learn more about Hilde and what she can do to help you, go to www.getstyleconfidence.com
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