48 minutes | Sep 16th 2019

Zarina Stanford — Why is this piece of content important? Always ask ‘Why.’

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Zarina Stanford is the CMO of Syniti. She has managed aspects of marketing at some of the world’s largest, most well-known brands (SAP, IBM) around the globe. She is a recognized change agent who spearheads business and transformational initiatives through imagining the possible. Zarina strikes a great balance between the strategy and execution required to drive high-performance marketing in B2B. She received the distinction of “Woman of the Decade in Technology and Innovation” at the Women Economic Forum in 2018.


Key Takeaways:

  • [2:30] Why did Zarina make the leap to become a C-level executive?
  • [5:10] Always ask the question ‘Why’ when developing content.
  • [6:50] How did Zarina’s career in sales prepare her for her marketing career?
  • [8:50] What’s the one thing, professionally, that Zarina wished she had more time for?
  • [11:00] Aside from Magical, what other words would Zarina use to describe the ‘M’ in Content Marketing.
  • [13:30] What are the steps you need to take to create an amazing story?
  • [18:40] In today’s world, CMOs can’t just be thinking about marketing. They need to expand their horizons.
  • [21:25] Zarina explains the value of creativity in marketing.
  • [24:40] Zarina shares why she made the switch and joined Syniti.
  • [39:20] You cannot drive demand without having a strong brand, a strong awareness, and a strong reputation.
  • [31:30] North American marketers seem to struggle in Europe and Asia; why is that?
  • [35:30] What are some of the marketing practices that are very effective in Asia that marketers in North America aren’t using?
  • [41:55] How did Zarina become an advocate for more women in STEM positions?
  • [44:55] How does Zarina unplug from work?
  • [46:15] What’s next for Zarina?


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