57 minutes | Mar 6, 2023

Mark Stouse — The journey from CMO to CEO

Mark Stouse is the Chairman and CEO of Proof. With an extensive CMO background, Mark shares his career history as well as lessons learned as a CEO, including how to get out of your own way and keeping your ego in check. Learn more about Mark’s career path to becoming a CEO, the roles of leaders, as well as the top challenges in B2B marketing. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] An introduction of Mark and his education background.

[4:40] How a degree in the liberal arts prepared him well for a career in marketing

[6:55] How Mark transitioned from CMO to CEO

[9:55] How Mark overcame the challenge of being heavily involved in the day-to-day marketing operations once a CEO

[11:15] Life is a series of numerator and denominator relationships. Mark explains what this means.

[13:45] Although Mark has become a much better person and leader, being a CEO has been the most challenging role he’s taken on to date

[17:30] Mark has a policy that he doesn’t sell on LinkedIn. Here’s why.

[22:45] Are CMOs well suited to be CEOs?

[31:00] What are the six responsibilities of a CEO?

[37:35] What does Proof Analytics do?

[45:45] Marketing is the first one to get their budgets cut because they do not have the data to prove their ROI

[47:50] No matter how good Mark’s marketing team did, they simply weren’t taken seriously. Mark got into analytics to fix that.

[49:10] Mark answers the rapid-fire marketing questions.


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