51 minutes | Oct 11th 2019

Margaret Molloy — Brand Builders should Build Movements, Not Monuments.

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Margaret Molloy is the Global CMO at Siegel+Gale, a renowned branding firm based in NYC. She was named the 2017 B2B Marketer of the year, one of the top 10 most influential women in MarTech, a top 50 power woman of Irish America, a top 40 digital influencer, a top 10 CMOs on Twitter by Forbes, the list goes on. Margaret is also the creator of Wearing Irish, a passion project where she features Irish fashion designers on a worldwide stage. Margaret was born and raised in Ireland and channels her early life experiences in her work today. She is an extremely hard worker and puts an emphasis on bringing connection and an exceptional customer experience to Siegel+Gale. Find out more about Margaret and her marketing journey on this week’s episode!


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Why Margaret in love with the song “Take a Chance on Me” by Abba.

[3:45] How Margaret achieves a work/life balance.

[7:50] Margaret shares how her native Irish upbringing has emphasized her values.

[10:35] Margaret shares why she takes Maya Angelou’s quote, “People remember how you make them feel” to heart.

[13:00] Margaret looks into the cosmetic industry and shares three examples of how they make their audience feel.

[18:25] When the market is saturated, brands have to use customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves.

[18:45] Margaret discusses why the customer experience is important now more than ever.

[22:45] Some challenges marketers are facing right now.

[26:05] How to analyze the customer journey.

[28:35] Margaret shares Siegel+Gale’s ethos and what it means to them.

[31:45] Why brands must simplify or they risk being disrupted.

[35:00] What is the role of a brand today?

[41:35] Does Margaret have to do a lot of education around her definition of what a brand should be?

[45:45] Margaret shares a little bit about what she’s up to outside of Siegel+Gale, and her passion project, Wearing Irish.


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