45 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

Jennifer Griffin Smith — Be Real. Be Human.

Jennifer Griffin Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer at Brightcove, an online video platform. Jennifer is a fast-paced executive who is passionate about discovering new technology possibilities. She shares her philosophy on how to empower her team, what was the root of her early success, her experiences at Microsoft, and how she thinks about marketing in today’s world.


Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Jennifer shares why the phrase, “blossom where you are” is a saying that strongly resonates with her.

[4:10] If you can be great at what you do right now, good things will come.

[5:30] When you fully embrace the moment you are in — today — is when you’re really optimizing your full potential and will see future progress in your career.

[6:00] With that being said, Jennifer is still guilty of multitasking. You have to when you’re working full-time and raising two young children.

[7:50] What was Jennifer’s experience like working at Microsoft when Bill Gates was still the CEO?

[12:45] Jennifer shares advice to young marketers who are looking to advance quickly in their careers.

[13:25] Find allies and mentors in your company. They don’t have to be in the marketing departments.

[16:20] No matter what, have the courage and conviction to believe in yourself.

[18:05] Jennifer shares her tips on the best ways to find your company mentors/allies in this digital environment.

[21:00] How does Jennifer empower her team?

[23:55] What does it mean to be “human”?

[27:25] In so many aspects of life, you’ll find that you need to fail fast and, in other times, you’ll need to take a pause. The important thing here is to realize you can’t be perfect.

[30:00] How has the role of the CMO evolved over the years?

[35:45] When you’re asking people questions, your words are important.

[37:20] As someone who was born and raised in the UK, how does Jennifer blend both U.S. and UK cultures when she is raising her children?

[40:25] Jennifer reflects on what has happened over the past year.


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