25 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

A Look Back at Marketing Study Lab in 2020 - Christmas Special - Episode 144

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What Episode Snippets are in this look back of Marketing Study Lab 2020:

Communicating Effectively and Saying Things Better with Lila Smith founder of Say Things Better – Episode 141 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/communicating-effectively-and-saying-things-better/ 

Content Planning with Andy Lambert Director at ContentCal - Episode 132 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/content-planning/ 

Inclusive Marketing with Martyn Sibley founder of Disability Horizons - Episode 126 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/inclusive-marketing-with-martyn-sibley/ 

Finding Your Content DNA with John Espirian The Relentlessly Helpful Technical Copywriter - Episode 113 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/finding-your-content-dna-with-john-espirian/ 

Transforming Threats into Opportunities with Joe Glover Found of The Marketing Meet-Up - Episode 112 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/transforming-threats-into-opportunities/ 

Financial Future with Winnie Sun of the Sun Group Wealth Partners - Episode 109 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/financial-future-with-winnie-sun-of-the-sun-group-wealth-partners-episode-109/ 

Reading Body Language with Mark Bowden the Body Language Expert - Episode 104 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/reading-body-language-with-mark-bowden-the-body-language-expert/ 

Infographics with Brian Wallace of NowSourcing – Episode 100 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/infographics-with-brian-wallace/ 

Understanding Marketing with Douglas Burdett from the Marketing Book Podcast - Episode 98 https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/understanding-marketing-with-douglas-burdett-from-the-marketing-book-podcast-episode-98/ 

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Summary Well it’s been a year of change on the podcast, as I tried to bring you even more actionable knowledge alongside all the amazing guests.

As this is the last episode of the year, it’s an opportune time to take a look at some of the highlights from the podcast during 2020.

I’d love to share all the episodes with you, but that feels a little excessive, so I strung together some memorable moments, some marketing genius and of course, some actional knowledge.

But as always, starting with a random opener, I think my fav answer came at the start of this month when Lila Smith was on the podcast and I asked her, what her favourite line from a musical was.

Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Music Featured on this Podcast: Sleepy in the Garden Lobo Loco www.musikbrause.de  Creative Commons License

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