15 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

Lindsay Tjepkema: The Power of Podcasting for B2B Thought Leadership

Creating valuable,and interesting content is a huge challenge for B2B companies.

There is so much competition that standing out is really difficult.

Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO with Casted, says that podcasts are the way that B2B companies can create content that resonates.

Podcasts offer companies the ability to connect with experts to have conversations that deliver amazing insight and information. 

These conversations can, of course, be turned into podcasts. But, as important, they offer great content for blog posts, eBooks, social media, and sales collateral.

Casted is a SaaS service that allows companies to manage, activate, and measure podcasts from end-to-end while engaging their audience,s increasing sales alignment, and quantifying podcast value with metrics that matter.

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