35 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

Marketing Science Matters

Paul McCabe is the CEO of the McCabe Group, specializing in strategic marketing and program execution that goes well beyond traditional channels. We caught up with him to discuss current technical business to business marketing matters in 2020.

What is your greatest marketing challenge?

Figuring out how to realign past marketing strategies, even those as current as 2019, to effectively work within this current environment.

Also, getting clients to dedicate resources for collateral materials, interviews, website and other digital media content. For example, with digital media many clients believe that SEO is simply putting up "stuff" and changing words, heading and phrases every now and then.

True SEO requires strategic thinking on content and how best to present this content in an easily searchable format (i.e. indexed videos, images, curation articles etc..). Understanding how content is viewed and measured to gain higher exposure and digital marketing rankings is key to a successful digital program.

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