26 minutes | May 19, 2020

B2B Google Ads for Science

Matt Rafferty is the Head of Paid Search at AZoNetwork with a keen eye for discovering trends in big data.

Matthew graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a first-class masters degree in chemistry in 2017 and moved into freelance medical writing before joining AZoNetwork.

During his time at AZoNetwork Matthew has been deeply involved with analytics, in particular Power BI. Both AZoNetwork and clients alike have benefitted from his unique analytical skills, gaining insights from big data sets where few dare to tread!

Welcome to another edition of the marketing science podcast. The podcast for sales and marketing professionals working within science, engineering and health care don't forget to subscribe on Spotify iTunes or wherever you normally listen to a podcast. My name is Frank Barker the head of marketing at AZoNetwork, where you can also subscribe.

I'm joined by my guest this week who is an expert in data analysis coupled with Organic and Paid Search - He is currently our head of paid search here at AZoNetwork, welcome Matt Raffert.


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