47 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

Maureen Mwangi on Building Brands & Helping Others

Maureen Mwangi grew up in Kenya where entrepreneurship was not the norm. In fact, her mom and dad were the only entrepreneurs she knew. As a little girl, Maureen listened with fascination as they discussed their product strategies around the dinner table almost every night.Today, Maureen is one of the most sought-after brand growth experts because of her unique track record for launching and scaling recognizable brands. She is the creator of Big Brand Academy, The Product Profit Lab, and Startward Consulting. She may not be a “shark” just yet but she’s the big fish her clients need to become market leaders in their category with real, data-driven brand growth strategies that stand the test of time. This work fuels her passion-project: Taji Foundation - a non-profit organization she created to support boys in Kenya to get the education they need to lift their families out of poverty and build generational wealth.- From Maureen's BioJoin us as we dive into Maureen's story, how to build a brand, and the steps you can take to improve your business. Show Notes40s - Maureen’s introduction 4:00 - What did you learn from your parents in regards to entrepreneurship 10:37 - What were the events following your education here in the US14:50 - What do big brands know that growing brands might not know18:45 - How does business to business marketing differ from business to consumer marketing 22:40 - Tips to financial freedom: lessons from Maureen’s mentor 29:00 - Talking more about Maureen’s passion project: Taji Foundation 33:40 - Advice when thinking about starting a business: getting it off the ground  38:40 - What Maureen is passionate about aside from work44:30 - Reflection on life, perspectives, and final thoughts…   Check out Startward Consulting. Also on Facebook.
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