62 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

Kyle Orth on Paragliding, Aviation, and Mitigating Risk

Kyle Orth came straight from the sky and onto our show - literally. While meditating at a local park, I opened my eyes to Kyle paragliding down right next to me. After chatting for a few minutes, Kyle agreed to come onto the show. Join us as we talk to Kyle about what he does, how he got into paragliding and aviation, as well as the mindset that you need to have to remain composed in such an intense environment. 0:16 - Falling from the sky and onto our podcast 1:45 - What is Paragliding?4:20 - What was the goal of this particular jump?6:00 - How long were you in the air?7:40 - Mitigating Risk 9:00 - What got Kyle into aviation 12:00 - Feeling of flying... 14:00 - Taking fear into account 21:45 - How equipment has made the sport safer 29:45 - Pandemic, working, and particulars of the field 33:40 - Flying in clouds, aviation, and safety 41:30 - More details on Kyle's flight into the park 47:00 - What shaped you into who you are?51:22 - What makes up Kyle Orth aside from aviation? 
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