65 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

Interview with John D'Angelo from Red Djinn Productions

2020 has been a year for the history books. This year has been brutal for many small businesses across the nation, yet we keep moving forward!  That is exactly what John D'Angelo from Red Djinn Productions has done. John is preparing to launch his game, The Runelords, on Kickstarter, but is in a very interesting position. With a launch planned for earlier this year, due to the global pandemic, they were forced to postpone the launch date. John took this in stride and used this time to polish up this game. John goes in-depth on what it takes to make a board game, what it is like to prepare to launch during this time, as well as walking us through what the game is all about. Curious to learn more about John or The Runelords? Check out the show, or take a look at the transcript! ----------------------------------------------Want to check out The Runelords? Take a look at the site herehttps://www.therunelordsgame.com/Like what you hear? You can read more from us on https://marketingistheproduct.com.Want to book a consult with us? Visit https://pangeamarketingagency.com to get started.
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