67 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Chari Buckner on Running a Pet Crematory and Finding Meaning

Getting things started with the first episode of season two, we are joined by Chari from Faithful Friends Pet Crematory. Chari Buckner is the owner of Faithful Friends, working with countless pet owners to make sure that their pets are given a proper send-off. In this episode, we talk with Chari about what her business is, how she runs it, as well as how she handles the emotions of such a heavy job. There are many lessons to be learned from Chari that transcend business, and really get to the core meaning of life. Join us this week as we talk about all things business and pets! 0:40: What Faithful Friends Pet Crematory is3:45: Dealing with the Emotions of it All7:30: Understanding the Story that Each Pet Brings10:00:  Being there for People Through This Time 14:20: Silver Lining with COVID-19 and Pets21:00: Advertising for Faithful Friends Pet Crematory 26:20: Business Takeaways from Faithful Friends 28:35: Weirdest Pet Cremated 30:50: Other Services Provided and Challenges in the Business32:25: Staying True to What They Do34:00: Employing the Right People 40:00: Doing What You Love 43:00: Helping Other Pets With Greif 46:20: Memorialization 49:30: Relationships with People Because of This 54:30: Funny Pet Stories 57:00: Pets Being There for You1:00.00: Powerful Pet Story1:06.00: Closing Remarks 
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