42 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

Celebrating the New Year and Our Resolutions for 2021

We did it, we made it through 2020! As we close the door on one of the most chaotic years in history, it is important to take the time to reflect on the good that 2020 did bring to us. This week, as we get started with our first episode of 2021, we will be giving our own year in review of sorts, as well as talking about New Year's Resolutions. Brandon and I both are big planners if you didn't catch that already. Resolutions are a great way to hold yourself accountable, as well as layout a plan for your year. Not sure what some decent resolutions are? Don't fear! We will lay out what our resolutions are, as well as providing some insight into some productive resolutions.Tune in, and let's get this year started off on a positive, productive note!Show Notes:0:30 - Moving on from 20201:15 - What Resolutions Mean to Us3:45 - How to Maximize the Goals You Have Set6:00 - How to Hold Yourself Accountable8:00 - How Pierson is Doing Resolutions in 202112:45 - Goals Are Meant For Growth15:00 - Don't Be Afraid to Set Big Goals17:30 - Set Goals With Meaning to You21:00 - Take the Time to Step Back a Little Bit25:30 - How Brandon is Doing Resolutions in 202128:30 - Don't Quit Your Day Job Link38:00 -Rounding Out Our Goals39:15 - Link to Jocko's Podcast41:15 - Final Thoughts----------------------------------------------Like what you hear? You can read more from us at https://marketingistheproduct.com.Want to book a consult with us? Visit https://pangeamarketingagency.com to get started.
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