10 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Leveraging Exclusivity to Increase Sales | Ep. #77

On the 77th episode of Marketing Interruption, Andrew Maff goes into detail about the different ways you can give the elusion of exclusivity to increase interest and sales. Whether you create secret groups, offers to certain customers only, or even require applications to purchase a product. There are a ton of ways to build some mystery around your product line to increase word of mouth marketing.Tune in and enjoy today's interruption!LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK:If you enjoyed the show, please be sure to rate and review!...and of course, SUBSCRIBE!Have an e-commerce marketing question you'd like Andrew to cover in an upcoming episode?Email: marketinginterruption@bluetuskr.comIf you'd like to catch up on past episodes, visit marketinginterupption.bluetuskr.com.CONNECT:BlueTuskr.com  |  AndrewMaff.com  |  Twitter: @AndrewMaff
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