46 minutes | Oct 29th 2019

Using Content To Get 3M Views A Month + How To Sell Out Events

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How do you define a great marketer? Is it from the assets he’s acquired? From the websites he’s built? Or do you have to be well-known in the industry to be considered one? If those are the criteria, then we have just the right person to talk to you about marketing today.

In today’s episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I’ll be talking to a really good friend of mine, Stephen Esketzis, the Founder of Digital Marketers Australia. Stephen is well-known in the industry as one of the great marketers despite his young age. Systems, assets, reputation, he’s known for all that and I even call him a “marketer’s marketer.”

For someone who wants to know all that it takes to be called a great marketer. Join us in this episode and stay tuned until the end.

Stephen’s Story: How He Got Into Marketing (4:29)

  • Knowing that marketing was for him since high school
  • From selling iPhone cases on eBay to Mobile App Developer
  • From developer to interviewing DJs
  • From interviewing DJs to guesting on Spreechat
  • From guesting on Spreechat to Freelancing while studying how to build funnels
  • Being an affiliate in ClickFunnels
  • Stephen started to build his own sites (media, content)
  • Getting over a million visitors to his site in 10 months and 30,000-50,000 unique visitors per day
  • Launching Stephen’s company
  • Stephen has an eCommerce company that’ll be launched soon

Marketing Comes Down To These Three Things (14:45)

  • Good copywriting and creative
  • Good targeting
  • Good offer

Content (16:12)

  • Why outsource?
  • Bringing the right people to the game and leveraging their knowledge
  • Having the right team and being consistent
  • Consistency is key to growth
  • What is the hard part in getting the right team?
  • Dynamics of Money VS Time

How To Play The Game If You Don’t Have The Financial Resources (23:35)

  • Grow lean, grow fast
  • Don’t waste money on things that have no ROI
  • Get results
  • Why choose the Philippines?
  • Why you should invest in good, knowledgeable writers?
  • What is the process for content and how many people are involved?
  • Why evergreen content?

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Content Marketing? (27:56)

  • It depends on how aggressive you are
  • What is link building’s role in getting your content seen?
  • How does Stephen get traffic and rise up in SEO ranking?
  • Links and Content
  • The numbers are 2-4 months

Digital Marketers Australia (30:01)

  • What was the inspiration?
  • What made Stephen decide to run DMA events in Australia?
  • What about the market?
  • Who are the attendees?
  • What happens at these events?
  • Who are the speakers?
  • Is it going to be plain boring or exciting?
  • What are the topics to be discussed?
  • When is the next DMA event?
  • What are the goals of the event?

How To Do Events Marketing? Stephen’s Marketing Mix (36:24)

  • Stephen tried everything (LinkedIn, Google, YouTube)
  • Hit the marketing from all angles to fill an event
  • Facebook Strategies
  • YouTube Strategies
  • Google Strategies
  • LinkedIn Strategies
  • Social Media for Organic Content
  • Creative is important for advertising
  • Email marketing

Stephen’s Hobbies And Passion Outside Marketing (41:55)

  • Travel Hacking
  • Growth Hacking
  • Tennis
  • Networking and catching up with people
  • Finding friends and family in the industry through events

Our Guest:

Stephen Esketzis is the Founder of Digital Marketers Australia. He’s a well-known marketer in the industry and community. Stephen has acquired websites and assets and is a master in content marketing. He acquired assets and built sites where he is responsible for SEO building, resulting in over a million views in just a matter of 10 months. He still gets 30,000-50,000 unique visitors to his website per day. So you can just imagine why he is called a “marketer’s marketer.”

If you wish to reach out to Stephen Esketzis, you can reach him through their website DigitalMarketersAustralia. Or through his Facebook, Stephen Esk.


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