31 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

Personalising Done Right And Tools To Help With Email Outreach

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One of the core strategies that big companies use to scale their businesses is direct outreach. If this strategy is done right, it is proven to be effective in building a name for your brand. However, if done wrong, you can ruin your brand altogether.

And that is exactly why I invited Guillaume Moubeche; CEO of Lemlist, to join us in today’s episode of Marketing from the Trenches. We will be talking about what they do at Lemlist to give direct outreach its own personal touch. All the way from the images used up to the in-depth research of prospects.

Today’s episode is going to be insane so sit back and tune in until the end.


Personalisation: Trends Of Yesterday, Changes Of Today, What’s In The Future? (5:15)

  • The advantages of personalising cold emails
  • The most common mistake people make when sending out cold emails
  • What will personalisation look like in the next five years?
  • Why most people won’t go for personalisation
  • Why work with agencies?
  • Why personalisation is really important

Building Relationships (10:09)

  • Establishing a fit
  • ROI matters
  • The beauty of building relationships in B2B

What other strategies work in terms of personalisation? (12:22)

  • Text personalisation - Icebreakers
  • Image personalisation
  • Understanding who your targets are
  • Knowing the right attributes you need to reach your targets
  • Take advantage of the information you get from a person visiting your website

Images and Links in Cold Emails: Does it affect deliverability? (18:38)

  • Images don’t affect deliverability
  • Email providers go for more interactive and heavier emails
  • Testing is important to find out what works best for your cold emails
  • Factors that affect email deliverability

With Google’s recent changes, what happens to images included in cold emails? (22:44)

  • Are images treated differently by Google’s analysis?
  • Do you need personalisation on top of your images?

 Warm Emails: Is anybody still using them? (23:55)

  • Existing users
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Press Relationship
  • Podcast Outreach


Our Guest:

Guillaume Moubeche is the founder and CEO of Lemlist, a software program that helps business owners and marketers generate more results from their email outreach campaigns. Lemlist has quickly grown to be one of the best email personalisation tools in the world.

If you wish to connect with Guillaume Moubeche, the best way you can reach him is through his Linkedin profile. — https://www.linkedin.com/in/guillaumemoubeche/



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