29 minutes | Sep 17th 2019

Lessons learnt from spending $50m in ads (this year)

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Compared to traditional advertising methods such as print and radio, digital advertising often produces a greater ROI, and you are able to dig into the numbers on a much deeper level. However, you need to spend on the right advertising strategies to be able to maximise your reach effectively.

In this episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I speak with Rohan Sheth, CEO of High Impact Group, who shares with us the learning experiences he has gained from spending over $50 million dollars on advertising. We talk about the strategies he uses to help businesses grow profitably and quickly.

As we go along, Rohan will also drop some golden nuggets to ponder on that will make a really big difference in your marketing, so be sure to tune in to the whole episode for a more in-depth discussion about the topic.

Think Outside the Box (9:58)

  • Opportunities in the non-English speaking market.
  • How to scale and build your company.

Best Marketing Strategies that Work in 2019 (10:58)

  • Build different niches for clients.
  • The importance of a creative team in advertising.
  • Creating new and fresh ideas to buy media for your business.

The Native Marketing Route (14:36)

  • The advantage of starting off with the native market.
  • How to use the native market to your advantage.
  • The human psychology of the native market and its effectiveness.

Facebook and Advertising: Is it still effective? (17:26)

  • The power of Facebook Ads in optimizing and scaling your business.
  • How do you use Facebook to its full potential in scaling your business?
  • Facebook doesn’t need your money.

Diversify or Double Down? (20:38)

  • Understanding that doubling your budget does not automatically equate to double leads.
  • The importance of human psychology in connecting to your target market.
  • Things you need to know before doubling down.
  • How should you increase your investment in Facebook Ads and why?

Golden Nuggets for the Future of Marketing

  • Two things you need to pay attention to in the present market.
  • Ask yourself, what am I going to do for my clients in 2020?
  • Consult your clients and potential clients.
  • Take good care of your salespeople.

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