37 minutes | Sep 10th 2019

How to get more of your emails opened and read

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We have built our business on the back of creating strong email campaigns for ourselves and for our clients, and we believe our strength in this area is what sets us apart from our competition and makes us world-class.

To be able to really engage with and nurture potential clients, you need to be able to stay in touch via regular emails that add value, and to do this you need a strong CRM to support you. 

In this episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I speak with Adam Tuttle, APAC Director of Sales for ActiveCampaign, about current trends in email, technical aspects you should pay attention to, and how to get more of your emails opened, read, and actioned.

Be sure to tune in to the whole episode for a more in-depth discussion about the topic.

Email Trends of 2019 (5:25)

  • The importance of personalised emails.
  • Finding the best time to send an email.
  • Cleansing your email list.
  • Using data to segment your audience.

How to Collect More Personal Information (10:43)

  • Create an email sequence that starts when someone joins your list.
  • Outline what they can expect, ie email frequency and type of content they can expect..
  • Send a survey, pre-framed with the benefit of not filling their inbox with irrelevant information.
  • Collect ‘last open date’ in your CRM so you can see when people engage with your emails.

How to Cleanse Your Email List (15:44)

  • First ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve with your list?
  • Match your content to what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Make your call to action prominent, not an afterthought.
  • Remove people if they are not engaging with your content for 90 days or more.

Email Open Rates - Industry Benchmarks (22:33)

  • Less than 10% is not good, your list needs cleansing and your content needs reviewing.
  • Between 10-15% is ok, but you’re sliding towards not good.
  • From 15-20% you’re doing well, but there is room for improvement.
  • 20% above is excellent, and if you hit 30% you’re an email rockstar.



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