24 minutes | Oct 1st 2019

How to create videos that work (incl Tesla Model 3 launch video)

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If you’re thinking about using videos to help your business grow, this episode will enlighten you. Today will be all about explaining how you can use the power of videos to help grow your business. We’ll deep dive into the details: the tips, tricks, and processes of creating great videos for advertising and marketing.

In today’s episode of Marketing from the Trenches, I’ll be speaking with Tim Nagle, managing director of Apostle Digital. It’s not a surprise that I tapped him for this particular episode because of his expertise in creating videos for ads and marketing.

So if you want to learn more about creating video content for your business, just listen to this podcast. And be sure to stay tuned until the end.

About Tim Nagle and Tesla (4:28)

  • What did Tim showcase in his entry for Tesla's open campaign?
  • How did it feel to be part of the Tesla pre-sales campaign?
  • What’s the reason behind strong engagement for unpaid media?

Things to think about when making creative content (7:25)

  • Originality
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Execution of the craft
  • The importance of being able to tell the story of a brand
  • Are there different approaches to different brands?
  • Questions to ask before creating videos for a brand

Creating videos for marketing, advertising, and pushing brand awareness (10:53)

  • The ideal length of a video
  • The necessity of engaging your viewers within the first three seconds
  • Delivering the purpose of your content

What do you look for in a video production company? (13:01)

  • Large scale VS small scale production
  • What is the most favoured content at the moment?
  • What kind of content are you creating?
  • The most important thing to take note of no matter the scale of production

What are the essential steps to take for a video to get results? (15:03)

  • Showcasing what it is you really do
  • Tips to showcase what you do in an engaging manner

Basic formula for creating videos and scripts with creativity (16:12)

  • Questions to ask before going into a brand meeting
  • The pre-production phase
  • The post-production phase

Is video ready to stay come 2020 and beyond? (18:02)

  • Statistics: Where is the web traffic directed to?
  • What format will connectivity all around the world be in?
  • The types of videos we will be seeing in the next few years
  • Opportunities that videos can give to businesses especially in the future

Our Guest:

Tim Nagle is a freelance Director of Photography and is currently the managing director of Apostle Digital. He was featured in different magazines and publications because of his work for Tesla, and the launch video of Tesla Model 3. His clients also include big names such as Gucci and Adidas. The aim of his service is to create content that tells the unique story of your brand.


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