40 minutes | Nov 19th 2019

Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Marketing And Simple Fixes

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Every website has backend support. It’s impossible not to have one. The backend support is responsible for how your site is presented to users. However, there are some things we end up doing that end up breaking our websites more than fixing them.

So today, our guest, Justin Meadows, managing director of TunedWP and an expert when it comes to the tech behind websites—will share with us some informative facts about the common mistakes websites usually make. These mistakes take away the effectiveness of marketing. As someone involved in online marketing, it’s essential to address these issues so you can improve your marketing strategies and get better results.

Make sure to listen to this episode to get amazing information on how to do digital marketing right.


Justin’s Backstory (4:03)

  • Learning SEO and playing around with websites
  • To get results for SEO, fixing the site is the way to go.
  • Justin ensures website optimization for clients.
  • How Justin’s business has grown over the last 10 years
  • Where Justin got the name of their company, TunedWP.


How to Prevent Infection of Sites (7:35)

  • Once your site is infected, stop the ads to stop wasting money.
  • Clean your website.
  • If your site is left unchecked, Google will take you out of their index.
  • It’s vital to keep your website secure because trust and brand damage happens when your site visitors get a message or notification that your site is infected.
  • Keep your sites updated with the latest security patches to combat malware.
  • Insecure hosting environments, bad passwords, no firewalls—these things trigger a site to get infected.


 3-4 Most Common Mistakes that People Make with their Websites (11:50)

  • Speed—most websites need substantial improvements in terms of speed.
  • Putting a lot of focus on the desktop version of their website while leaving out the experience for mobile users, not realizing that 50-70% of their traffic is coming from mobile phones.
  • Storytelling—about content; the journey you want your clients to take on upon encountering your brand. Make sure your homepage has a very clear message and is not cluttered with too many things.
  • Building trust—focusing on sales messages makes you overlook the trust factor, which is crucial in establishing a good relationship with potential clients.


Tips on Getting Around these Most Common Mistakes (17:23)

  • Speed
    • implement Cloudflare CDN
    • have an excellent caching plugin setup
    • optimize images for faster loading
    • use dedicated video hosts for your videos
    • make sure that unnecessary codes are not at the top of your scripts
  • Mobile experience optimization
    • consider how the mobile layout goes from the desktop to phone
    • condense menu, strip out unnecessary things for easier navigation
    • resizing elements correctly
    • have a call to action in the header
    • website speed optimization on mobile
    • Justin gives recommendations on Google tools to use (web.dev)
  • Storytelling—user experience and copy
    • declutter your site
    • identify what you can remove from your website that won’t affect the results you’re getting
    • don’t load your page up on lead magnets; one strong, relevant lead magnet is enough
    • a good option is making a page for your resources so people can choose


“Know that your website is not a set and forget thing, you need to constantly work on it since it is a valuable asset and part of your business.” - Justin Meadows.

Our Guest:

Justin Meadows is the Managing Director of TunedWP, a business that aims to help people improve their websites. He believes that sites are an essential part of your business. Trust is built on what you can offer your clients via the face of your business—your website.

If you wish to contact Justin Meadows, you can reach him through their website: TunedWP or send an email to support@tunedwp.com 



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