32 minutes | Aug 13th 2019

Branding for performance - how to serve every step of the funnel and get better results from your campaigns (by focusing on your brand)

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There are a lot of people who focus on branding, and a lot who focus on marketing. But there are very few companies who can fuse the two together to help people accelerate their results.

When branding and marketing are merged together, the outcome for a campaign is it will deliver results on every level of the sales funnel.

In this episode of Marketing From The Trenches, I speak with Dan Ratner from uberbrand about how he has developed a system and framework that helps companies from startups to enterprises develop a brand, then use that brand to drive lower cost client acquisitions. 

Be sure to tune in to the whole episode for a more in-depth discussion about the topic.

About Dan Ratner (2:16)

  • Created a branding communications agency.
  • Found companies were good at either creating a beautiful funnel or something very sales-oriented, but not both.
  • uberbrand brings these two approaches together.
  • Ensure what you do and say in the market are a reflection of who and what you are.

Case Study: Power Club (3:39)

  • Work out how to position your brand vs competitors.
  • How to communicate the brand message at launch.
  • Understand how consumers make their decisions.
  • Find the tension, the big issues facing people before making a decision.
  • Why does your company exist?
  • How do you disrupt an industry?

How To Build Brand Awareness (13:51)

  • It’s easy to reach people, but not easy to engage them.
  • Analyse success based on brand recall, not brand reach.
  • Brand awareness leads to direct enquiries organically.
  • Direct enquiries indicate the strength of a brand.

Placement and Quality (18:58)

  • Combine good content with good placement.
  • Make moving through each step of the funnel as simple as possible.
  • Integrate each arm, branding, creative, performance, digital, all under one roof for consistency.
  • Every activity should lad towards the one outcome.
  • Start with branding, then integrate that into communications.

Communication Drives Leads (22:03)

  • If you don’t know your brand identity, you can’t speak to your target market.
  • What you say forms an impression, especially on people who haven’t heard of you before.
  • Even if a piece of communication doesn’t deliver a sale, make sure it delivers a positive impression.
  • A rejection should be a ‘no thanks not today’ not a burnt relationship.

To learn more about how uberbrand help brand performance, visit uberbrand.com.au
For more info and more podcast episodes, Visit https://www.growthlabz.com/ 

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