22 minutes | Jul 5th 2020

Branding with Purpose

An interview with Piyachart Isarphakdee (Arm), CEO at Brandi - a brand consulting firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. We cover a fair few topics in this episode so I have listed out so of the main items we discuss: Brand centralisation - Not just about profit, but shared values, the three P's: Profit, People & Planet Brand 4.0 - The four stages: 1. Industrialisation (Products/Services), 2. Information (Greater customer personalisation), 3. Social (Shared community values), 4. Transformation (The consumer is in charge) How to cope with Covid-19 - Focus on operations for sure, but think about changing mindset to value based and seek new opportunities The Brandi approach - Above the ocean strategy How can a brand develop purpose - Pick one of the 17 global Social Development Goals, the one that makes most sense for your brand. Brands with negative perception - Improve your process in some way that creates something positive or separate product and brand and do some good with your brand and produce a net positive impact. For more information about Brandi you can reach them at: https://www.brandiandcompanies.com/
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